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This page is to help you find your way around the God new evidence site - scientific evidence of God and historical evidence of Jesus.



Bad Faith: are science and Christianity in conflict?

  1. Dark Ages?
  2. Science suppressed?
  3. Copernicus Persecuted?
  4. Was Copernicus afraid?
  5. From Copernicus to Galileo
  6. What did Galileo discover?
  7. Galileo was a thug!
  8. Why did Galileo get in trouble?


The Biggest Question: why does God allow suffering?

  1. Robin's story
  2. Miryam's story
  3. Nick's story
  4. Hilary's story
  5. Eric's story
  6. Mavis's story
  7. Ed's story
  8. Why me?
  9. A Greater Good
  10. The Choices We Make
  11. God and Natural Disasters
  12. God's Wake-up Call
  13. A God who Suffers
  14. A Different Purpose
  15. Our Choices Matter
  16. Doubting God is there
  17. Doubting God is Good
  18. Good Out Of Evil
  19. What Keeps You Going?
  20. The Hardest Choice


After Life? Evidence that Jesus rose from the dead

  1. Why it matters whether Jesus rose from the dead
  2. Does what we know about science make it impossible that Jesus rose from the dead?
  3. Can we really know whether Jesus rose from the dead two thousand years ago? Or is history unknowable?
  4. Were the stories about Jesus rising from the dead legends made up hundreds of years later?
  5. Were the stories about Jesus rising from the dead borrowed from pagan myths?
  6. Did Jesus really die on the cross?
  7. Were the stories that Jesus had risen from the dead a deliberate hoax by his first followers?
  8. Could Jesus's first followers have been suffering from hallucinations when they claimed that he had risen from the dead?
  9. Was the tomb of Jesus really empty - or was the story of the empty tomb made up many years later?
  10. Don't the accounts in the Bible of Jesus rising from the dead contradict each other?
  11. The difference it makes to me personally


Jesus myths

  1. Was Jesus a real person?
  2. Are miracles possible?
  3. Did Jesus do miracles?
  4. How many copies of the Gospels?
  5. Comparing the evidence
  6. How big are the differences?
  7. Jesus, the Gospels and the Telephone Game
  8. The earliest handwritten copy of a Gospel
  9. Real places in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
  10. Real people in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
  11. Eyewitness testimony in the Bible accounts of Jesus
  12. Minor characters in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
  13. The main witnesses in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
  14. Who wrote the Gospels?
  15. Did the Gospel writers spin their accounts of Jesus?
  16. Contradictions in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
  17. More than a prophet?
  18. Son of God?
  19. The difference Jesus makes


Conspiracies and Secret Gospels

  1. Did Paul re-invent Jesus?
  2. What did Paul know about Jesus?
  3. Alternative Christianities?
  4. The Gostics
  5. Alternative Gospels?
  6. Did Constantine choose the Gospels?
  7. The Secret Gospel of Mark
  8. The Gospel of Judas
  9. The Gospel of Thomas
  10. Who chose the Gospels, and when?
  11. How many copies of the Secret Gospels?
  12. Why take the Gospels seriously?


God new evidence - recent scientific discoveries that point to evidence for God

  1. A very unlikely place
  2. Life on a razor's edge
  3. Just lucky?
  4. Right for us?
  5. God or the multiverse?
  6. A deeper story?


God and the Big Bang - a universe that had a definite moment of creation, and was carefully adjusted to make human life possible

  1. In the Beginning
  2. The evidence for the Big Bang
  3. Science and faith
  4. Dark Matters
  5. Unsolved mysteries
  6. Believers and the Big Bang
  7. More about the contributors
  8. Contributors' views about how old the universe is


God and the New Atheists

  1. No need for God?
  2. Faith and evidence
  3. Non-arguments from the New Atheists
  4. The design argument






Après la vie


Les mythes au sujet de Jésus


Мифы об Иисусе


Dios: nueva evidencia - vídeos con subtítulos en español


Dios y el Big Bang - vídeos con subtítulos en español


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