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A deeper story?

'God: new evidence' #06

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The Universe is a shockingly unlikely place, just right for us. New scientific discoveries show that it has been very precisely adjusted to make our lives possible. Is this evidence of God? Many scientists agree that there must be some significance to this, and we are not just here by chance. So does this point to the reality of a creator God? Is there a deeper story?

This is the last in a series of six videos exploring how recent discoveries in astronomy and physics point to the reality of the Creator. Featuring John Polkinghorne, David Wilkinson, Rodney Holder, Peter Williams and Graham Swinerd.

What's in the series?      Previous: God or the multiverse?

To get some idea of what cosmic fine-tuning is like, try your hand with the Universe Fine-Tuning Machine:

Universe Fine Tuning Machine

Clips from this video:










What's in the series?      Previous: God or the multiverse?

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