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GOD: new evidence


Was Copernicus Persecuted?

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Did the Christian Church persecute Copernicus because he said that the Earth goes round the Sun? Was he put in prison, or even executed? Not at all! He was a respected scientist.  People disagreed  with him, not for religious reasons, but because the scientific evidence for his theory was not that convincing at the time. (Even today, many people, if they were asked, would not be able to prove that the Earth goes round the Sun, rather than the Sun going round the Earth. Could you prove this?)

With contributions from Dr Allan Chapman, (Oxford University), author of 'Slaying the Dragons: destroying myths in the history of science and faith' and 'Stargazers: Copernicus, Galileo, the Telescope and the Church,' and from Professor Ted Davis (Messiah College).

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