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Follow that Star?

(Unwrapped: the Truth about Christmas #22)

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In Matthew's account of the wise men visiting Jesus, he says that their interest was sparked by a star which they took to be a sign of the birth of   a new king of the Jews.

This star could have been a conjunction, where two planets appear close together in the sky. There was a conjunction of the planets Saturn and Jupiter on May 27th, in 7 B.C.

Or it could have been a comet, or an exploding star. Chinese astronomers saw an exploding star in March and April of 5 BC. This fits in with a date for Jesus's birth shortly before king Herod died in 4 B.C.

Or could it have been a completely supernatural sign, like the angels who appeared to the shepherds?

We do not know what it was. But this is not a good reason to dismiss Matthew's account.

To find out more read Matthew 1:18-2:18

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