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Real Places: The Appian Way

'Testing Luke' #22


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The Appia Antica is a National Park just outside Rome. It is part of the Appian Way - a major road that enabled the Roman Empire to project force around the world.

The Appian Way was built between 312 BC and 264 BC. To start with, it linked Rome to the port of Puteoli, near Naples. Later it was extended to Brindisi, on the east coast of Italy. From here, a boat trip across the Adriatic sea linked it to the Via Egnatia which stretched eastwards across Greece and Turkey.

The book of Acts, in the Bible, records how Paul the apostle was brought to Rome as a prisoner to stand trial before the Emperor. After Paul and Luke arrived by ship in Puteoli, they travelled along the Appian Way to Rome. Luke mentions a couple of stops on the Appian Way - the Forum, which was about seventy kilometres from Rome, and the Three Taverns, which was about fifty seven kilometres from Rome.

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