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King Sargon of Assyria

'Just Stories?' #10

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The book of Isaiah in the Bible talks about an Assyrian king called Sargon who lived around 720 BC, and who attacked Israel (Isaiah 20:1).

The problem with this was that the only Sargon known to archaeology had lived more than a thousand years earlier.  So did Isaiah get it wrong?

In 1843, Paul-Émile Botta discovered a palace at Khorsabad, in present-day Iraq. He found giant winged bulls (called lamassus), that guarded the way to the king’s throne.  These are now on display in the British Museum. This was the palace of the previously unknown king Sargon II. Once again, archaeology had confirmed the Bible’s record.

With Ian Cooper, pastor of Tollgate Evangelical Church in Reigate, UK.

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‘A significant and growing number of scientists, historians of science and philosophers of science see more scientific evidence now for a personal creator and designer than was available fifty years ago.’ - M J Wilkins and J P Moreland