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A Bird in a Cage

'Just Stories?' #16

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'Controlling the narrative' is nothing new: The Taylor prism is an ancient clay prism, found by Colonel Robert Taylor in 1830. It is the official record of the Assyrian king Sennacherib’s military campaign in Israel (701 BC).  It was part of Sennacherib’s ‘controlling the narrative’ about his Israel campaign.  Sennacherib’s problem was that he never conquered Jerusalem. This is a historical fact, which was foretold by the prophet Isaiah, as recorded in the Bible (see 2 Kings chapters 18 and 19).

Sennacherib has to explain away his failure to take Jerusalem.  On the Taylor prism, he says ‘As for Jerusalem, I shut up (king) Hezekiah like a bird in a cage.’ Other Assyrian kings had used this expression. Sennacherib portrayed his Israel campaign as a complete victory, but this is not the truth of what happened.

With Ian Cooper, pastor of Tollgate Evangelical Church in Reigate, UK.

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