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Kindness and Severity

(Ethnic Cleansing in the Bible #6)

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How do we understand the goodness of God, in light of the fact that he commands the Israelites to drive out the Canaanites?

We need to remember what Paul says in Romans 11:22. He says 'Behold the kindness and the severity of God.'

There is kindness. God regularly shows his patience to the people of Israel. God does not delight in bringing judgment. He sends prophets to warn them.

But finally, when there is no remedy, he brings judgment and exile, because the people simply have not listened. So what is God to do when he reaches the last resort, when there is nothing left to do? When you have a people so corrupt that there is no remedy?

In the same way we can look at the Canaanites and say, 'These are the depths to which these people have gone. What other resort is there except judgment?'

Sixth video in the series 'Ethnic Cleansing in the Bible?' with professor Paul Copan, author of 'Is God a moral monster?'

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