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'The Works of the Lord' ('Bad Faith' #19)

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The Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge (UK) has been called the birthplace of modern physics. Many great discoveries were made here, including the electron, the neutron, and the structure of DNA. Many important techniques were invented here, including the cloud chamber and x-ray crystallography.

The first Cavendish Professor was James Clerk Maxwell. He discovered the laws of electromagnetism; he predicted the existence of radio waves; and he developed statistical physics.

On the door of the Cavendish Laboratory, Maxwell, had carved in Latin a quotation from the Bible, which says:

‘How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them.’ 

For many scientists in the nineteenth century, including Maxwell, there was no conflict between their Christian faith and their scientific discoveries.  From Michael Faraday (who discovered electrolysis and electromagnetic induction) to Kelvin, to friends of Charles Darwin like Asa Grey and Joseph Hooker, there just wasn’t any conflict.

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