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'Testing Luke' #03


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In Luke's account of the spread of Christianity in the book of Acts, in the Bible, there are several places where he changes from saying 'they did this or that' to saying 'we did this or that.' The implication is that he was there. What he writes is based on first-hand knowledge – he was an eye witness.

So some of the book of Acts, especially the last quarter, is based on Luke's first-hand knowledge – he was an eyewitness of the events he describes.

There is no good reason to reject Luke's claim to be an eyewitness, unless we start out with the prejudice that he cannot be telling the truth.

But we do not just have to accept his claim: there are many details in Luke's account that he gets right. Only someone who was there would know some of these details. We will look at some examples as we go on with this series.

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