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Real People: the tomb of Augustus

'Testing Luke' #27


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In Luke’s account in the Bible of how Christianity began, he mentions Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, who ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD.

We have seen previously that Luke claims he was writing serious history – not fiction, and not legends. Here he pins down his story to a definite point in time – during the reign of Augustus. The story is not set in the distant, mythical past.

Later in his account, Luke mentions the fifteenth year of the reign of emperor Tiberius. This corresponds to about 29 AD, depending on how Luke is counting his dates. Here Luke is remarkably precise about when the events he is recording happened, in relation to seven well known public figures.

In this series, we have seen over and over again that Luke writes about real people, in real places, and sometimes we can tie what he says to specific dates.

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