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(Unwrapped: the Truth about Christmas #32)

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All through the Old Testament, there were hints and promises that one day God was going to send a deliverer. This chosen one was known in Hebrew as 'the Messiah,' and in Greek as 'the Christ.'

The message of Christmas is that Jesus was this promised deliverer – he was the Christ.

The Jewish people thought they needed to be rescued from the occupying power of the Romans. But their deeper problem was that they needed to be rescued from their sins – from disobeying and rebelling against God, and the separation from God that resulted from this.

This is why Jesus was born. The Bible says that all of us have disobeyed God and rebelled against him. We are all naturally cut off from God.  What we need most is to be made right with God – and this is why Jesus came.

So the birth of Jesus is relevant to us today.  We all need to be rescued from our sins, and made right with God – and the only way this can happen is through Jesus.

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