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Dreams and angels?

(Unwrapped: the Truth about Christmas #06)

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One reason people are sceptical about the accounts of the birth of Jesus is because they include all kinds of supernatural events, such as angels speaking to people, and people finding things out through dreams.  And we 'know' (or we think we know) scientifically that things like this just do not happen.

This brings us back to something we said earlier: if you try to fit the accounts of Jesus’s birth into a modern western way of looking at the world - a way that does not have any place in it for God or the supernatural - of course they will not fit.

How we look at the world always affects how we see the evidence.  If we are certain that the natural world is all there is, there will never be enough historical evidence to convince us that an angel really spoke to someone.

But if God is there, and he speaks and acts in history, and if Jesus really was the Son of God, come to earth on a rescue mission, then we can expect some unusual events to surround his birth.

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