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(Unwrapped: the Truth about Christmas #01)

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In this series, we are unwrapping the truth about Christmas. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, and the central claim of the Bible’s accounts is that this was different from any other birth in history. In Jesus, God became a man – became one of us. 

Of course, many people are skeptical of this claim that God became a human being.  But they are skeptical because they are looking at the world in a way that does not have any place for God. And of course, if you start like this, the story of Jesus will not make any sense to you.

But what if there really is a God? Is it impossible that this God would choose to become one of us? Then the accounts of Jesus's birth begin to make more sense.

In this series we will look at some good reasons to take the Bible's accounts seriously, and at some of the questions and misunderstandings that people have about them.

To find out more read Luke 1:5-2:38

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