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What Was Paul's Message?

'Testing Luke' #31


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Disturbances and unrest followed Paul wherever he went. So what did he say that provoked so much anger?

His message was all about Jesus Christ – about who he was, and about what had happened to him.

Paul said that Jesus was the Son of God and the Messiah – deliverer saviour God had promised in the Jewish Bible – our Old Testament.

The heart of Paul's message was that Jesus had been killed, in accordance with God's plan, and that God had raised him from the dead. And he said that one day God is going to judge the whole world through Jesus.

Paul announced that because of who Jesus was, and because he had died and been raised from the dead, people can have their sins forgiven and find peace with God.

People then did not find it any easier to accept this message than we do today, and this is one reason why it provoked so much anger.

But Paul was not just giving people information, which they could ignore if they felt like it. His message involved a decisive call to action, as we shall see next time, in the last in this series.

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