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Real People: Lydia and the Place of Prayer

'Testing Luke' #08


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The book of Acts, in the Bible, says that there were not enough Jews in Philippi to form a synagogue, but there was a place outside the city, by a river, where some women met to pray. Here the apostle Paul found a woman called Lydia, who became a believer in Christ.

There are a couple of small rivers near Philippi, where this 'place of prayer' could have been found.

In Luke's description of Paul's visit to Philippi, he gets the local details right. Archaeologists have not found any evidence of a synagogue here – if they ever do, this will go against the reliability of Luke's account. (In the same way, we saw earlier that they have not discovered a synagogue in Antioch, but if they ever do, this will be evidence in support of Luke's account.)

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