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Real places: Antioch of Pisidia

'Testing Luke' #05


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The book of Acts, in the Bible, records that after Paul and Barnabas the apostles left Cyprus, they came by ship to southern Turkey, and landed at Perga. They travelled on, through the Tauros mountains, to the city of Antioch of Pisidia, near the modern town of Yalvac.

Luke does not say why Paul and Barnabas came here, but it is possible that they were pointed in this direction by the Roman Governor of Cyprus, who we met last time – one of the Sergius Paulus family.

A stone inscription on display in the museum in Yalvac contains the name of the Sergius Paulus family. They were important land-owners around Antioch. Maybe the governor wanted Paul and Barnabas to meet his relatives here.

Here is another example of Luke writing about real people – like the Sergius Paulus family, and real places, like Antioch of Pisidia.

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