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Robin Hood

'Just Stories?' #17

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There are many stories about the legendary English outlaw Robin Hood. According to these legends, he lived in Sherwood Forest and fought against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. Many people think that the Bible is just a collection of ancient stories – like the legends of Robin Hood – that it is not really true at all.

But then it is as if we looked at the legends of Robin Hood, and we discovered that the places in them are all real places, and the people are all real people.

This is exactly how it works with the Bible: it is not just a collection of ancient stories. It is about real people, in real places, and things that really happened. You can look at the evidence we present in this series, and maybe you disagree with one item or another. But this is missing the big picture – the way that all the evidence taken together shows that the Bible is true when it speaks about history - it is much more than 'just stories.'

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