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Shebna's Tomb

'Just Stories?' #12

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On display in the British Museum there is the lintel, or top piece, of a door from an ancient tomb with some Hebrew writing, from the time of king Hezekiah (around 700 BC).

This was the tomb of an important official in Hezekiah’s government. Some of the letters are missing, but the official’s name ended with ‘-yahu.’ The British Museum says it is most likely that this is the tomb of an official called Shebnyahu.

Shebna (the shortened form of Shebnyahu) appears in the book of Isaiah in the Bible. When the Assyrian king Sennacherib attacked Israel, Hezekiah sent Shebna to negotiate with him.

In Isaiah 22:15-19 there is a specific mention of Shebna’s tomb. Isaiah the prophet is sent to ask Shebna why he is building an elaborate rock tomb, which his body will never lie in. God specifically condemns Shebna for building this tomb.

With Ian Cooper, pastor of Tollgate Evangelical Church in Reigate, UK.

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