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What difference does Jesus make to us today?

(Jesus Myths #19)

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Jesus has changed the world more than anyone else who ever lived. But today, people believe all kinds of myths about him. In these programmes, we've got at the facts behind the myths. But the most important question is: What difference does he make to us today? Jesus's followers believed that he was much more than a teacher or prophet - that he was the Son of God. If God really has come into our world in Jesus, what could be more important than to believe him and follow him? The most important thing you could do is to examine the evidence for yourself and make up your own mind about him. From the series 'Jesus Myths,' exploring modern myths about Jesus.

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‘Although I was once sharply critical of the argument to design, I have since to come to see that, when correctly formulated, this argument constitutes a persuasive case for the existence of God.’ – Professor Anthony Flew