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Review of 'God and Stephen Hawking: whose design is it anyway? by John Lennox

God and Stephen Hawking, by John C Lennox

This book is a response by John Lennox to the claims in 'The Grand Design,' by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. John C Lennox is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

‘What all this goes to show is that nonsense remains nonsense, even when talked by world-famous scientists.’ (p. 32)

The first thing you notice is that it’s a very short book: at 96 pages, it is little more than a booklet. Its brevity conceals its depth.

It's an excellent book to read yourself or to pass on to a friend who has been influenced by ‘The Grand Design.’ It quickly and thoroughly exposes the shallow and inadequate thinking that has gone into Hawking and Mlodinow’s book.

An overview of the contents:

Chapter 1: ‘The big questions’

Chapter 2: ‘God or the laws of nature?’

‘Thus the main conclusion of the book turns out not simply to be a self-contradiction, which would be disaster enough, but a triple self-contradiction. Philosophers just might be tempted to comment: so that is what comes of saying philosophy is dead!’ (p. 31)

Chapter 3: ‘God or the multiverse?’

Chapter 4: Whose design is it anyway?

Chapter 5: Science and Rationality

‘What serves to obscure the illogicality of such statements is the fact that they are made by scientists; and the general public, not surprisingly, assumes that they are statements of science and takes them on authority. That is why it is important to point out that they are not statements of science, and any statement, whether made by a scientist or not, should be open to logical analysis. Immense prestige and authority does not compensate for faulty logic.’ (p. 32)

Lennox is also the author of ‘God’s Undertaker: has science buried God?’ You can read an extract on this web site.

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