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'The Biggest Question'

'Why does God allow suffering? This timely and timeless resource is an effective and compelling guide to finding biblical answers to this most important question.'

Revd Dr. Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton IL.


'The problem of suffering is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions for both Christians and those exploring the Christian faith. This home group resource will help equip the church to respond well to this important question. I commend it to you warmly.'

Dr. Krish Kandiah, President, London School of Theology


'I have watched my wife, Brenda, battle Multiple Sclerosis for the nearly forty years of our marriage. Why might God allow such evil? If you wish for some answers for your own or others' pain, here's a terrific resource, with contributions from graduates not merely from the academy but the school of suffering. A sure-footed, helpful guide. Highly recommended!'

Dr. Steve Brady, Principal, Moorlands College


'Sensitive, intelligent and immensely helpful.'

The Rt. Revd Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells. Read Bishop Peter's comments in full.


'A marvellous resource.'

The Rt. Revd Henry Scriven, Director for South America, Church Mission Society. Read Bishop Henry's comments in full.


'This Big Question will always be asked and will always need an answer that squares with the teaching of God's Word and is relevant to the age in which the questioner lives. This is clearly a resource that meets those criteria and I am pleased to recommend it for study in groups and by any individual looking for answers for him or herself.'

The Rt. Revd Colin Bazley, former Bishop of Chile and Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone.


'There is much in this helpful resource that assists Believers in dealing with one of the most pressing arguments that both Christians and non Christian sometimes struggle with.'

John Glass, Chair of the Council of the Evangelical Alliance, retired General Superintendent of the Elim churches.


'Thoroughly grounded in the Bible's teaching, yet equally engaged with the real and painful questions raised by life in a broken world, this excellent resource will provide a solid foundation for Christian faith and a powerful tool for sharing it. I warmly commend it, both for individual and group study.'

David Jackman - Past President, The Proclamation Trust.


'I would thoroughly recommend this.'

John Partington, National Leader, Assemblies of God GB


'This is an excellent resource which approaches the issue from a multifaceted dimension. One would be hard pressed to find an aspect of suffering not covered in the material. Used primarily as a small group discussion guide I can see vignettes being useful in pastoral situations or worship service illustrations. In ministry for forty years, it is a resource I wish had been in my hands many years earlier.'

Major Denis Lomax, Divisional Commander, The Salvation Army


'This series of videos is a fabulous example of high quality ‪#‎mediaministry‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ for the social media age: a series of videos exploring the question of suffering, designed primarily for people who are not Christians.'

Tony Watkins, Lausanne Media Engagement Network


'This course covers a range of situations in which individuals have been challenged by the effects of suffering, and how in God's strength they have coped and gone on to minister to others. What comes through in each instalment is the empathy and grace of God. Empathy not least in that God has known suffering in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and grace in the way God has sustained believers and maintained his comforting presence in their lives. The personal recollections of the people featured on the DVD act as a hinge on which everything else turns, while the accompanying leaders guide puts suffering into perspective as it connects with God's purposes. The overall impression is of a well-produced ministry aid that will bring hope to the hurting and serve as a wake up call to the need for repentance and faith.'

Revd Malcolm Ryan, retired Baptist minister

'These videos do not shy away from the difficult questions, nor do they provide easy, sound-bite answers and that is exactly what we need. I can’t recommend these videos highly enough... They are very, very good.'

Eddie Arthur, Global Connections, former UK Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators


'Too many in the West come to faith in Christ on the false promise that he will make them perpetually happy in this life, and then give up when the going gets tough. It's refreshing to find a study which meets suffering head-on from a biblical perspective, and which allows us to read God's purposes in the dark times as well as in the bright ones.'

Revd Dr. John Balchin, former minister of Purley Baptist Church and lecturer at London School of Theology.


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