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The Gospel of Thomas

'Conspiracies & Secret Gospels' #09

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The best known Gospel that did not make it into the Bible is the Gospel of Thomas. Some people claim that this represents an earlier form of Christianity, but the facts point to the Gospel of Thomas being written in the second century, by someone who already knew the Gospels in the Bible.  This video features Professor Craig Evans (Acadia University), Professor Larry Hurtado (University of Edinburgh), and Dr. Peter Williams (Tyndale House, Cambridge), talking about the Gospel of Thomas. Ninth video in the 'Conspiracies and Secret Gospels' series.

Can We Trust the Gospels?

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‘Can we trust the Gospels?’ is a recent book by Peter J Williams, principal of Tyndale House, Cambridge.

It is only short 153 pages), and it is easy to read, but it contains a wide range of very helpful material on the reliability of the Gospels. If you have questions about whether we can trust the Gospels, this is a key book.

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