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'The Biggest Question: why does God allow suffering?' A new course for churches, groups and individuals

This eight-week course explores what the Bible says about why God allows suffering, as well as using the videos in our new series. It's intended for churches, home groups and cell groups, Christian Unions and Adult Sunday School classes. It can also be used in youth groups, or for personal study.

The Leaders' Guide and Group Members' Guide for this course are now available as free downloads.

Outline of the course:

  1. The choices we make
  2. God's wake-up call
  3. A God who suffers
  4. A greater good
  5. A different purpose
  6. Our choices matter
  7. Keeping going
  8. The hardest choice

What church leaders are saying about 'The Biggest Question'

What course users are saying about 'The Biggest Question'

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