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Life After Death?

(Beyond Ourselves #30)

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We have a sense of justice. And a lot of what happens offends this sense of justice. We have a built-in longing to see things put right – but we know that this is not going to happen any time soon.

Could this sense of justice, and this longing for things to be put right, point towards a life beyond death, where justice will be done?

This is not an argument for an afterlife. But could it be a pointer in that direction?

We have a choice: a world where there is only matter and energy, time and chance, and where our sense of justice will never be satisfied, or a world created by God, in which God will one day judge all injustices, and put right all wrongs.

If God really is there – and if there really is an afterlife - this makes sense of our longing for justice, in a way that a world without God never can.

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