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God new evidence

GOD: new evidence


Time for an Alternative?

(Beyond Ourselves #15)

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If we are just atoms and molecules – if naturalism is true – we cannot trust our brains to know what is true – and this includes knowing whether naturalism itself is true. We are caught in a trap. This has led some people into a kind of extreme skepticism. For example, Scott Adams, the creator of the ‘Dilbert’ cartoons, says this:

‘I don’t believe reality is something the human brain can understand. We didn’t evolve with the ability to see reality for what it is. Evolution only cares if we survive and procreate.’

But this kind of extreme skepticism is self-defeating: If what Adams says is true, what makes him think that he understands what reality is like? Once again, naturalism cuts off the branch we are sitting on.

We cannot live like this. No-one lives as if their thoughts are irrational. We all live, every moment, of every day, as if our thoughts are based on truth and reality. We cannot do anything else. But if naturalism is true, we are basing our lives on a lie – all of us, including Scott Adams.

So when it comes to how we think, first of all, naturalism is self-defeating, and second, we cannot live with it. So why should we take it seriously? Isn’t it time to see if there is an alternative?

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