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God new evidence

GOD: new evidence


'Sensitive, intelligent and immensely helpful'

Rt Revd. Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells

The Right Reverend Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells:

This Study Guide and DVD addresses head on questions about suffering and faith which we all find difficult. It is well worth studying.

It is a brave endeavour to write about evil, suffering and faith. But this study guide does that in a way that is sensitive, intelligent and immensely helpful. This is something I shall read and re-read.

The Greeks had a proverb: 'He who suffers much will know much'. Reading this study guide has helped me to gain a much better understanding of the seemingly intractable problem of suffering.

Trying to make sense of evil and suffering requires compassion, courage and profound thought. This booklet displays all of these things in a way that sheds light on the big questions of life which we all face.

Suffering is hard to understand and sometimes even harder to bear. Focus has produced this DVD and guide to helps us both to understand and to bear the suffering we encounter. I am very grateful for the deep insights which this resource brings to this subject.

Belief in God can be hard at times, especially when we think about the suffering and evil we encounter in the world today. This booklet helps to make faith in God more credible, more possible and more certain.

This study guide faces the really hard questions which we all ask. It offers answers which are neither simplistic nor insensitive. It is a hugely valuable contribution to a subject which challenges us all.

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'God: new evidence'

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