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God new evidence

GOD: new evidence


'A marvellous resource' - The Right Reverend Henry Scriven

Bishop Henry Scriven

Rt. Revd. Henry Scriven is Director for South America for the Church Mission Society

Here is what he says about 'The Biggest Question':

'There are very few, if any, people in this world who have not asked the age old question about suffering and how faith in God fits into the picture of the hardships they experience. 'The Biggest Question' is a marvellous resource that can be used in many different ways. Ideally it is suitable to a study group context where discussion can address personal questions; but it can also be used by individuals as they grapple with what life throws at them.'

'The videoed interviews are very much to the point and show clearly how God can work through tragedy and suffering. There are no easy answers, and this is made very clear, but this resource is certainly one of the very best around and it will be an invaluable gift to churches and individual Christians. It is also very suitable for use with those with no clear faith and I'm sure it will help people at the very least to understand the Christian perspective on suffering and a God of love.'

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'God: new evidence'

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