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God new evidence

GOD: new evidence


'The Biggest Question: why does God allow suffering?'

What's in the series?

Robin Oake

1. 'I forgive the man who killed my son' - Robin's story



2. Put in prison for my faith - Miryam's story


Nick Barr-Hamilton

3. Life in a wheelchair - Nick's story


Hilary McDowell

4. Given three weeks to live - Hilary's story


Eric Gaudion

5. Unending pain - Eric's story


Mavis Clargo

6. Terminal cancer - Mavis's story


Ed Shaw

7. Unwanted same-sex attraction - Ed's story


Diane Louise Jordan

8. Why me?


David Couchman

9. A Greater Good?


Crying girl

10. The Choices We Make



11. God and Natural Disasters


Professor Bob White

12. God's wake-up call


Nick Barr-Hamilton

13. A God Who Suffers


Baby crying

14. A Different Purpose



15. Our Choices Matter


World Trade Center

16. Doubting God is There



17. Doubting God is Good



18. Good Out of Evil



19. What Keeps You Going?



20. The Hardest Choice

There is an eight-week course to go with these videos, that explores what the Bible says about why God allows suffering. It's intended for use by churches, home groups and cell groups, Christian Unions and Adult Sunday School classes. It can also be used in youth groups or for personal study.

The Leaders' Guide and Group Members' Guide for this course are available as free downloads. Read more about the course.

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'God: new evidence'

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