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Did Jesus rise from the dead, or were these claims legends? 'After Life?' #4

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At the heart of the Christian message is the claim that Jesus rose from the dead - a claim that we can investigate historically. If it happened, it’s the most important event ever – the turning point of history. If it didn’t happen, we have look for alternative explanations for the evidence.  For example, perhaps Jesus was just a travelling teacher, and the stories about him rising from the dead were legends that built up over hundreds of years after he died. 

This video is part four of the series 'After Life?' - the most up to date and convincing evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

With contributions by Professor William Lane Craig, Professor Gary Habermas, Professor Mike Licona, Amy Orr-Ewing and Professor Tom Wright.

‘The great turning point in human history, the moment when everything changed, was when Jesus came out of the tomb on Easter morning.’ - Professor Tom Wright

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