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'GOD: new evidence' is produced by Focus. Focus has been creating Christian mass media and new media projects for more than forty years:

In the 1970s, Focus produced the widely acclaimed 'World of Science' series of radio programmes, where leading research scientists talked about their Christian faith. These programmes were broadcast from radio stations HCJB World Radio, FEBA, and many others.

Over the next twenty years, Focus produced several highly successful series of programmes which were broadcast around the world and translated into nearly a dozen languages.

Since the 1990s, Focus moved into the 'new media,' with web sites, DVDs, training courses, videos and podcasts.

In 2006 Focus produced the 'Jesus & The Da Vinci Code' DVD in response to the film. The videos from this DVD were put on Youtube, where they were watched more than three hundred thousand times.

Focus is UK registered charity no. 298007

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‘We can't understand the Universe in any clear way without the supernatural.’
- Astronomer Allan Sandage