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God new evidence

GOD: new evidence


'Just Stories? Evidence & the Bible'

What's in the series?

(1) Why it matters

A lot of people think that the Bible is just stories, but many of the things that it records have left traces that we can still see today - evidence for real events, real people, and real places. In these videos we are looking at some of this evidence.

Why does this matter? The Bible claims that God really is there, and that he speaks and acts in the world. God has spoken and acted through things that really happened, and the Bible claims to record how God has spoken and acted. The evidence that the Bible is true should encourage us to take its claim seriously as a message from God. So it is worth looking at this evidence.  And if it is convincing, it is worth taking the Bible’s message seriously.


(2) The First Mention of Israel

In 1896 the British archaeologist Flinders Petrie discovered a stele, (or monumental stone), in Thebes, Egypt. Dating to around 1200 BC, this was an account of pharaoh Merneptah’s military campaigns, and it includes a direct reference to the people of Israel. This is the first mention of Israel in the archaeological record, outside the Bible.


(3) The Kingdom of Geshur

Excavations at Et Tel, north of the sea of Galilee, have found the remains of the ancient city of Geshur. In the Bible, king David married the daughter of the king of Geshur (1 Chronicles 3:2)


(4) The Gates of Geshur

Geshur was a city-kingdom that formed an alliance with Israel in the time of king David. Archaeologists have recently discovered a stele (monumental stone) and the gateway of the city of Geshur from the 10th century BC - from the time of king David.


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'God: new evidence'

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