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God new evidence

GOD: new evidence


Evidence of God in science;
evidence for Jesus in history

Most of what's on this web site is videos in English. However, there are also videos in other languages (Bengali, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) and some written articles, book reviews, and extracts from books.

An atheist changes his mind

Engineer Nick Berryman was an atheist who enjoyed reading Richard Dawkins' 'The God Delusion.' Then he changed his mind about God. In this short video he tells his story.


After Life?

Also in Chinese: (「来生」系列影片,普通话和广东话版), Bengali (জীবনের পরে), French: (Après la vie), and Russian: (Воскреcение)

What's in the series? What really happens when we die? At the heart of the Christian message is the claim that Jesus rose from the dead. This is the defining moment of history. It confirms the reality of God, and the identity of Jesus as the Son of God, and it means we can know that there is life after death.


Jesus Myths

Also in French: (Les mythes au sujet de Jésus), and Russian: (Мифы об Иисусе)

What's in the series? Our contemporary world is awash with myths about Jesus. This series explores the evidence, and separates the facts from the falsehoods.


Conspiracies & Secret Gospels

What's in the series? Have we been lied to about how Christianity began? Millions of people believe that the roots of the Christian faith are a deception:

In these videos, leading scholars respond to these challenges.


Testing Luke

What's in the series? For a lot of what the Bible tells us about Jesus, there is no direct evidence outside the Gospels. But this does not mean that we just have to accept it with blind faith. The Bible also includes the book of Acts, which records how the Christian movement grew and spread during its first thirty years.

The same person wrote the book of Acts and the Gospel of Luke, and in the book of Acts there are many places where we can confirm the background details. In these places, the author proves to be reliable. If he is reliable where he can be tested, surely this means that we can trust him where we cannot test him too?


Just Stories? Evidence & the Bible

What's in the series? Many people think that the Bible is just a collection of ancient myths and legends.  But they decide this without looking at the evidence.  In these videos we look at some of the evidence that the Bible talks about real people, real events, and real places.


God: new evidence

Also in Spanish: (Dios: nueva evidencia)

What's in the series? The scientific evidence shows us a universe that has been carefully adjusted to make complex life like ours possible. This series describes this remarkable evidence from cosmic fine tuning that points us towards the Creator.

Go here for some written articles about the scientific evidence for the Creator.


God and the Big Bang

Also in Spanish: (Dios y el Big Bang)

What's in the series? Many people think that science and faith tell conflicting stories about how the Universe began. But the scientific picture is of a definite moment of creation in a vast cosmic explosion (the 'Big Bang'). In this series, astronomers and physicists who are Christian believers talk about the relationship between what science says and what faith says.


Beyond Ourselves

What's in the series?      Are we just atoms and molecules? Or are there things about our human nature that point to a deeper story beyond the physical world?  'Beyond Ourselves' explores whether there are things about us that naturalism cannot explain, but can only explain away – things like consciousness, rationality, morality and spirituality.


The Biggest Question: why does God allow suffering?

Also in Bengali: (সবচেয়ে বড় প্রশ্নঃ কেন ঈশ্বর আমাদের জীবনে দুঃখকষ্টকে অনুমোদন করেন), and Russian: (Самый большой вопрос)

(Go here to find out more about 'The Biggest Question' study guide for groups)

What's in the series? You may feel that all the suffering and evil in the world is a convincing reason not to believe in a good God. Suffering and evil raise all kinds of doubts and questions for people who do believe too. In this series, we talk to people who have faced all kinds of tragic circumstances, and yet still keep their faith. We ask them how their lives have been changed, and how their faith has been challenged by what they've been through.


Unwrapped: the truth about Christmas

What's in the series? If you come to the accounts of Jesus's  birth with your mind already made up that there is no God and no supernatural world, they will not make any sense to you. But if there really is a God, is it impossible that he would choose to become one of us?


Bad Faith: are science and Christianity in conflict?

Also in Russian: (добросовестная вера)

What's in the series? 70% of people aged between 18 and 23 think that religion and science conflict with each other. Our series 'Bad Faith: are science and Christianity in conflict?' explores some key historical events that led to the idea of conflict - for example, the story of Galileo's trial.


God and the New Atheists

What's in the series?      Has science done away with any need for God? Can there be evidence in support of faith? Has the Theory of Evolution done away with the design argument for God? In this series, Michael Poole responds to some of the challenges and questions raised by the ‘New Atheists.’ He is the author of 'The New Atheism: ten arguments that don't hold water,' and is a visiting research fellow in Science and Religion at King's College London.

More on questions of science and faith in these written articles, extracts from books, and book reviews.


Ethnic Cleansing in the Bible?

What's in the series?       For many people today, one of the most serious problems with God and the Bible is the destruction of the Canaanites commanded by God in the Old Testament.

This video is the first in our series, 'Ethnic Cleansing in the Bible?' Professor Paul Copan is the author of 'Is God a moral monster? Making sense of the Old Testament God.'  In this video we ask professor Copan why he wrote 'Is God a moral monster?'


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